Water Systems

Citrus Well Drilling designs, installs, and services submersible and line shaft pumping systems of any size.  We design and construct systems to engineer’s specifications.  All systems are built to the best standards following all county codes.  We service all makes.

Pump Cycling:

                 The leading cause of pump failure is short cycling the pump. We size our systems properly to avoid this by including a large tank, cycle stop valve, or a VFD system.  Many other well drilling companies sell small tanks with no cycle stop in an effort to cut costs. These savings are negated when the pump does not last as long.  Citrus Well Drilling & Pump Repair designs all systems for pump longevity.

VFD Systems:

           Variable frequency drive systems are available at a reasonable cost.  The typical pump knows only one speed and operates between two set pressures.  The low “on” pressure and the higher “off” pressure.  These two pressures are typically 20 psi apart.  A VFD system operates at a constant set point by speeding the pump up and slowing the pump down.

These systems are great for varying flow rates as they provide constant pressure and can save money on electricity. These systems also provide additional motor protections that are built in.  The built in protections sense more than simply over current.  These systems will sense low voltage, high voltage, and under load protection (dry well circumstance).  If your well is used inside the home they can provide a more constant high pressure.  If this is used on an irrigation well, the system will keep the pump from cycling and slow the pump down to meet the reduced flow rate.